Antirust oil
Metalworking oil
OIl for hydraulic system
Quenching oil
Lube additive

Bisphenol A epoxy resin

Bromating epoxy resin

Rubber softener

High efficiency fire…

Metalworking oil
69-1 emulsion cutting oil

Used in metal process, good cleaning capacity, good cooling, lube and antirust capacity

Antirust emulsion oil Used in metal process, good cooling and lube capacity
SC-100 long-life emulsion oil Good bio-stability, long life, for black and ferrous metal
SC-3 soluble cutting oil For grinding, cutting of aluminum, goof clean and penetration capacity
Metal rolling oil Used in the rolling for medium thick steel and, good emulsion and extreme pressure property
Rolling oil for steel belt Good lube and extreme pressure property, it offers good ?rolling surface and good annealing capacity
MAF-1 micro emulsion cutting oil Good bio-stability, good lube caopacity, long life, for high precise metal processing
7507 extreme pressure emulsion oil Good extreme pressure property, for the heavy load cutting of black metal
HD-1 linear cutting emulsion oil Electric spark linear cutting emulsion oil, good dielectric strength and spark capacity, high efficiency
NL emulsion antirust oil Good cooling, washing and inhibiting capacity, for black metal and nonferrous meat, it can be used as colling liquid of diesel car or used in grinding liquid
SC-510 synthetic cutting liquid Synthetic type cutting liquid, good bio-stability and clean capacity, can be used in the cutting and grinding of steel
SC-810 copper tube rolling liquid Good grinding capacity in extreme pressure, for cutting and grinding of stainless steel
SC-820 processing liquid for stainless steel Good grinding capacity in extreme pressure, for cutting and grinding of stainless steel
SC-850 aluminum rolling emulsion oil Good emulsion stability, heat stability and annealing capacity, for aluminum rolling
NC-2 grind oil Good lube capacity for metal grinding
NC-3 stamping oil Good penetration and lubrication, for the stamping process odf steel and aluminum
NC-10 drill oil for deep hole Good penetration and lubrication
NC-20 multi-position cutting oil Good extreme pressure and lubrication capacity, non-active matter, for NC tool sets and process centre
NC-30 broaching oil  
NC-301 broaching oil Good extreme pressure antiwear property
NC-50 oscillation grinding oil Low viscosity and good penetration for grinding process, it can be used nonferrous meatl;
SPG-1 super fine oil  
SPG-2 super fine oil Good oil and extreme pressure performance. low viscosity, for super fine process
SH-3 grinding oil Grinding oil, good lubrication and antioxidization capacity
SH-5 grinding oil Low viscosity grinding oilgood lubrication
Vulcanization cutting oil It is the mixture of animal oil, vegetable oil, mineral oul and additives, good lubrication and cooling capacity in extreme pressure.
SC-806 drawing lube oil Good extreme pressure and lubrication capacity, for stretch and punching of steel


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