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Antirust oil
F20-1 thin layer Antirust oil It can prevent rust for 2-3 years, it can be used in parts and bearing, it offer got salt resiatnce capacity. F20-1(A) is high viscosity
SY-20 rolling bearing anti-shock Antirust oil Paten product. Clear and high clean oil, is 12/9 grade cleanness of ISO4406 and ISO4407. it can be used in parts and bearing,
SY-8 antirust oil Antirust oil for short term, for black and nonferrous metal product
SY series Antirust oil Good antirust performance, it can be used in bearing, tool, part and metal product, it has SY-12, SY-32, SY-50
GY-2 thin layer Antirust oil Good antirust capacity for cast iron product, suvh as tool set, mechinery and small hardware
SWY-6 galvanizing plate antirust oil Very excellent antirust effect on galvanizing plate, it can be used in galvaning steel plate or common steel board
SY-100/SY-110 super thin layer antirust oil The thickness of oil film is about 4 to 5mm, it can be used in tool and measure tool, it offers beautiful appearance
STS series dehydrating antirust oil It can removing the water quickly on the surface of meatl, it can be used in antirust between two process, it offers various types
Hard memebrane Antirust oil Long term antirust reagent, it can be used in the long term storage of black and nonferrous meatl products. It is very easy to be removed
※this type is very inflammable
SYQ-10 air phase antirust oil It can offer liquid phase antirust capacity and air phase antirust capacity, it can ne used in large equipment with inner space, such as gear box and air compressor
SYQ-10 air phase antirust oil It can be used in all kinds of meatl for lubrication and antirust, it can ne used in middle antirust of heavy mechinery and experiment machine, it can offer some antirust capacity in air phase, it has SQ-3, SQ-5
thin layer antirust grease Long term, good heating and cooling resistance capacity, it can be used in tool set and meatl product made from cast iron
204-1 displacement type antirust oil Good antirust capacity, offer replacement capacity to sweat, for bearing, steel and parts※this product can be diluted, that also offer good antirust capacity; it can be pasted on the surface of metal, but be care of the safe operation.


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